Perfume as a passion

PERFUM.COM was founded in 2007, spearheaded by perfumer Raphaël Haury with the aim of offering customers bold fragrances designed using carefully selected raw materials.

After setting up a creative studio in Neuilly, PERFUM.COM soon acquired a production unit in the Grasse region by taking over GRASSE SENTEURS. The company then undertook comprehensive modernization to transform the site into a cutting-edge facility.

Today, PERFUM.COM is active internationally with a team of professionals representing the new generation and boasting more than 15 years of recognized experience.

Optimized and efficient production

PERFUM.COM has a 1,200-m² production unit in Saint Vallier de Thiey. The structure never ceases to grow and innovate. Thanks to its modern facilities, PERFUM.COM guarantees effective purchasing management, rapid production and meeting deadlines while remaining flexible enough to fulfill each client’s specific needs.

True to our philosophy of constantly striving for excellence and partner satisfaction, PERFUM.COM continues to invest in production equipment, ensuring that our facilities keep pace with the growth of the company and our clients.

Focusing on quality at every stage

As a member of PRODAROM (the French federation of manufacturers of fragrance materials), PERFUM.COM is committed to superior quality. Raw materials and finished products undergo rigorous analyses. Every step of the production process is carefully monitored to ensure complete traceability, a guarantee of unwavering quality.